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Oregon Coast Attractions

You can find agates all along the Oregon Coast in gravel beds, rocky areas, and places where rivers meet the ocean.

Check out our two favorite aquariums on the Oregon Coast.

Studying nature is a great way to get your thoughts away from the rat race and daily chores.

A comprehensive list of the beaches along the Oregon Coast.

Bike Route
The Oregon Coast Bike Route follows Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast. Look for the signs!

If you have money to burn, visit one of three casinos on the Oregon Coast.

There are many exciting and unique cities on the Oregon Coast.

How and when to dig for clams on the Oregon Coast.

Catching crab, cleaning crab, and cooking crab on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast bikeways are well developed and improvements are made every year.

Dory Boats
For more than a century, boats have gone to sea from this sandy beach sheltered by Cape Kiwanda. Read the Story of the Pacific City Dory and then check them out next time you visit Pacific City.

Plan your Oregon Coast vacation around an event. See a list of festivals and events on the Oregon Coast.

Fishing Charters
There are many places on the Oregon Coast where you can charter a boat and crew.

Glass Blowing
You can find your dream glass art on the Oregon Coast.

Golf Courses
The Oregon Coast is a mecca for golf players!

Hang Gliding
Do you want to learn how to fly and see the Oregon coast from the air?

Haystack Rock
There are two monoliths called Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast.

Visit one of the Oregon Coast hatcheries. Most of them are free, but you pay to feed the fish!

If you are looking for a day of fun at the beach, flying a kite may be your ticket. Flying kites is an affordable activity the whole family can enjoy and the Oregon Coast is a kite flyers' paradise.

If you go to the Oregon Coast, you must visit at least one of the eleven lighthouses!

Mary D. Hume
Good ol' Mary, our favorite shipwreck on the Oregon Coast.

Yes, you can get good beer on the Oregon Coast!

Map - Interactive
An interactive map of the Oregon Coast.

There are two monoliths called Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast.

Monterey Cypress
Blake's tree is still standing tall and proud in Brookings, Oregon. Check it out. You may see a ghost!

Go back in time. Visit one of the many museums on the Oregon Coast.

Octopus Tree
The Octopus Tree is believed to be hundreds of years old, dating back to when Native Americans inhabited in the area.

Oceanfront Theater
See Pacific Reef Hotel's "world's-first oceanfront outdoor theater".

Petting Zoo
West Coast Game Park Safari - America's largest wild animal petting park is located in Bandon on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is a photographer's paradise!

Prehistoric Gardens
This interesting tourist attraction displays life-size replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Romantic Getaway
Are you planning a wedding or just looking for a romantic vacation to make your love blossom?

Sandboarding is the latest and coolest sport on the Oregon Coast.

Numerous ships have sunk on the Oregon Coast in unforgiving waters throughout history.

Shop, Shop, Shop.

State Parks
There are many public state parks on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy!

Go surf on the Oregon Coast this weekend!

Tillamook Cheese
See how they make cheese at this big tourist attraction in Tillamook. Entrance is free.

It's not all beach on the Oregon Coast. We have trees too!

West Coast Game Park
A great zoo for all ages - if you love animals!

Enjoy some wine at one of the Oregon Coast Wineries.

Whale Watching
If you go to the Oregon Coast between March and May, look out at the ocean and you might see migrating whales!



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