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Oregon Coast Beachcombing

Beachcombing is walking along the beach looking for "treasures". Some treasures you take home, others you study and leave for others to see. A treasure can be something of value or simply a thing of interest.

You will find things that nature created like seashells, sand dollars, rocks, fossils, driftwood, and agates, among others.

You will also find interesting man-made items, like old boat parts, nets, paddles, ropes, and fishing gear. It is also common to find old glass polished by the ocean, old corks, and even coins. You may even find an old Shipwreck!

The beach is full of interesting curiosities if you take the time to look. Just thinking that many of these items come from far away, even from distant countries, makes beachcombing very fascinating.

Many of these items are great for craftwork, jewelry, and decoration, but the best part of beachcombing is the actual exploration of the beach and seeing all the odds and ends.

Beachcombing is ever changing. The ocean washes up new treasures to be found everyday.

Of course, the joy for most beachcombers is the fact that it is very relaxing and enjoyable. Studying nature is a great way to get your thoughts away from the rat race and daily chores.

Beachcombing is for all ages. The only thing better than finding your own beach treasures is to see a proud child excited about finding and showing off their newly found treasures.

The serious beachcomber could be called a treasure hunter. For those people we recommend a metal detector like Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector.

The Oregon Coast Visitors Guide wishes you good luck in your beachcombing adventure.


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