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Oregon Coast Whale Watching

Every year thousands of gray whales take the journey back and fourth between Alaska and Mexico and they pass by just outside the Oregon Coast. They go south at the end of December, and north again in March. For best view of these 35 ton, 45 feet long whales look for calm sea weather forcast, and make sure to view from a high point with your binoculars. Learn more. See book Recommendations below.

Oregon Coast Whales
Whales of the West Coast: Whales, although among our most important and interesting animals, have been little studied until recently. Almost a third of about seventy living cetacean species have been recorded in North American Pacific coast waters. Our word whale describes glimpses of surfacing cetaceans; its Old English root hvael means "a wheel." A large whale's rolling back often looks just like the rim of a wheel revolving below the surface. Humans have watched whales with fascination for a long time.

Whales of Pacific Ocean
Whelks to Whales: is the only book you will need to identify and learn about the diverse marine life you are likely to encounter while exploring the waters and seashores of the Pacific Northwest.


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