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Oregon Coast Biking

With the Oregon Coast's mild weather, scenic views, numerous attractions, and lots of things to see, it is certainly a convenient and great place to visit with your bike.

With almost 40 years of considering bikers, Oregon has been a pioneer in developing bikeways throughout Oregon and especially along the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast bikeways are well developed and improvements are made every year.

In addition to bikeways along the roads, there are also many great State Parks that you can bike in. Check out these in particular:

Cape Blanco State Park
Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park
Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area
Harris Beach State Park
Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park
Nehalem Bay State Park
South Beach State Park
Sunset Beach State Recreation Site

Of course, if you are a serious biker, we recommend the Oregon Coast Bike Route.


Safety Information:

Here are some safety tips from the State of Oregon that we recommend that you follow while biking along the Oregon Coast:

Wear bright or light-colored clothing.
Don’t ride in heavy fog.
Wear a helmet.
Stop off the roadway.
Beware of strong wind gust on bridges: either ride on the roadway, or walk on the sidewalk.
The two tunnels on the route have “Bicycles in Tunnel” warning lights installed for your protection; they can be activated by pushing a button at the entrance.



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