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Things to see on The Oregon Coast

Are you looking for things to see on the Oregon Coast? The best thing to see on the Oregon coast is of course nature and the coast itself.

While driving down the Oregon Coast on highway 101, you will see numerous breathtaking view created by mother nature. However, you may also check out some of these things along the way:

Numerous sandy beaches for picknics, beachcombing, and exploring. You can even drive on some of the beaches along the Oregon Coast.

Haystack Rocks
There are more than one Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast. They are a spectacular sight!

Most Oregon Coast hatcheries are open to the public at no charge. It is interesting to see all that fish in one place!

A trip to the Oregon Coast is not complete if you don't see some of the eleven famous lighthouses.

There are more than 25 museums along the coast to see. You should be able to find one that peaks your interest.

Many interesting shipwrecks along the way worth seeing. It is also an indirect way of learning about the Oregon Coast history.

State Parks
You could almost say that the Oregon Coast is one continous state park. There are many state parks and they are one of Oregon's greatest assets.

Oregon is famous for timber and logging. You can find some famous Oregon trees along the Oregon Coast.

Whale watching
Another must see. People from all over Oregon and beyond treck to the Oregon Coast to see the whales off shore.

If this is not enough to see, check out Oregon Coast attractions. You will never run out of things to see on the Oregon Coast.

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