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Oregon Coast Counties
Counties on the Oregon Coast

Direction to and from any city on the Oregon Coast.

Read interesting history about the Oregon Coast.

Detailed maps of all the cities on the Oregon Coast.

We recommend the following DVD movies about the Oregon Coast.

The most popular newspapers on the Oregon Coast.

Offshore Oil
400 million barrels of oil available off the Oregon Coast!

Oregon Coast Timeshare
Is this the time to invest a timeshare on the Oregon Coast?

Pet Safety
Pet Safety and Information on the Oregon Coast.

Find the 14 ports on the Oregon Coast.

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Stories By JD Adams
Read JD Adams' Stories about Pacific City and the Oregon Coast

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Oregon Coast FAQs
Questions you may have about the Oregon Coast.

Coast Range
The Oregon coast extends in a general north and south direction for roughly 300 miles

Useful Safety pamphlet that we recommend that you download and print out.

Sneaker Waves
These sneaker waves happen at various degrees every day regardless of whether or how rough the sea is and even during little surf.

Tillamook Burn
Oregon's Historic Tillamook Forest fire of 1933 spread over 240,000 acres of forest land.

Devastating waves called tsunamis can strike the Oregon coast at any time.

Videos of the Oregon Coast.

Updated weather forecast along the Oregon Coast.

Webcams on the Oregon Coast.

Webcam Map
Find webcams on this Oregon Coast map.

Youtube Videos
List of Videos on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy the Show.

Zip Codes
Major Oregon Coast Cities and their Zip Codes


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