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Oregon Coast Kite Festivals

Kite festivals have a long tradition on the Oregon Coast and usually draw professional kiters and thousands of spectators. If you go to one of these festivals, expect to see individuals showing off their skills, teams of people who show kites in all kinds of formations, and even kite competitions. If you like those huge inflatables in parades, you may also like kite festivals, because they usually have a lot of big inflatables.

Oregon Coast Kite festivals are a great family event where you can participate in the event itself by flying a kite . Some festivals even teach children how to make and then fly their own kites. Kite building workshops and kite flying lessons are fun for the whole family.

Note: You can bring your own kite, and you may want to check the weather forecast before you go, in the off chance that there is no wind on the Oregon Coast.


More Information:

Did you know that the Oregon Coast is one of the best places in North America to fly a kite? Learn more about flying a kite on the Oregon Coast and enjoy the festivals listed below:

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