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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are found throughout the West Coast of Alaska to Mexico and certainly on the Oregon Coast. Sea-run rainbow trout are called steelhead, and migrate to the ocean as juveniles where they spend several years before returning as adults to spawn in freshwater.

Rainbow trout are opportunistic feeders, consuming insects, snails, leeches, crayfish, small fish and fish eggs. Although the record for rainbow trout is 42 pounds, 3 ounces, most that are caught weigh less than 10 pounds.

Like all salmonids, rainbow trout need cool, clean water to survive and structures like logs and boulders in which to hide. Maintaining stable banks with sufficient shade helps to ensure good water quality and increase survivial.

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Rainbow Trout Fly fishing
Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing provides serious anglers with a fresh look at their prey and their sport. Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing: A Guide to Stillwaters provides a fresh look at their prey and their sport. The book is directed at fly fishing for insectivorous Rainbow Trout in pristine lakes. However, the information is useful to all trout anglers regardless of their choice of tackle or location.



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