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What to bring to the Coast

Not sure what to pack for your trip to the Oregon Coast? It really depends on what you like to do and what time of the year it is. We've compiled a list of things you may want to consider.

The Oregon Coast does not get extremely hot or extremely cold, but the weather changes from hour to hour, so you need to be prepared for anything. You may be able to wear just a bathing suit in the afternoon, but need a warm coat and hat to watch the sunset.

We recommend that you dress in layers, so you can take things on and off as the weather changes. Comfortable walking shoes for overall use, flip-flops for the beach and good boots for hiking are also recommended. It is typically windy, so bring a hat or something to tie your hair back. Stock up on clothes and shoes at the Oregon Coast Apparel Store.

Sun Protection
As mentioned above, it does not get extremely hot on the Oregon Coast. However, the UV rays from the sun still shine through, so it is important to protect yourself with sunglasses, beach umbrella, sunscreen, swimsuit cover-up, lip balm, beach hat and anything else you normally use to protect yourself from the sun.

Exploring and Saving Memories
Binoculars are great for getting a closer look at nature, the Pacific Ocean, and let's not forget whale and bird watching! Of course, you'll need a
camera and a camcorder to record the beautiful Oregon Coast and preserve your vacation memories. Don't forget batteries and cables for your camera and video camera.

Personal Entertainment
Many people go to the Oregon Coast for relaxation and downtime. For those relaxing afternoons, make sure you have enough reading material (books, magazines, Kindle. etc), and that your MP3 player is fully loaded with your favorite music. Of course, if you have to stay in touch, you may also want to bring your laptop and cell phone. Don't forget the important charging cables for all of those personal tech devices.

For the Beach
Here are some things you may want to bring for a more enjoyable day at the beach
: age appropriate beach toys, tools for building sand castles, frisbee, volleyball, kite, sandboard, boogieboard, surfboard, buckets for collecting beach treasures like agates and shells, beach chairs, beach towels, blanket, and extra clothing.

Ziploc bags are great for keeping things dry and sand-free, like cameras and cell phones! And don't forget snacks, drinks, and plastic or reusable bags for wet clothes and trash.

Lugging all that gear to and from the beach can be tiresome, so investing in a rolling bag is worth the money! We recommend the
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Sports Equipment
There is so much to do at the Oregon Coast that you might need any number of these: Fishing poles and tackle, crabbing and clamming gear, tennis rackets, golf clubs, surfboard, boogieboard, diving gear, wetsuit, bicycle, ATV, running shoes, hiking shoes, life vest for boating, and other sports gear for your favorite sport.


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