Oregon Coast Bike Route

The Oregon Coast bike route follows the 101 highway along the Oregon Coast and is very popular among biking entusiasts.

The bike route is about 370 miles and if you plan to bike the entire route, expect to spend 6 to 8 days.

The Oregon Department of Transportation strongly recommends that you cycle from north to south because of the winds that blows from the northwest.

You can find "Oregon Coast Bike Route" signs along the route. Signs are located on all intersections where the route goes off the US 101.

Before going on your Oregon Coast bike route journey, we recommend that you download the Oregon Coast Bike Route Map and purchase Bicycling The Pacific Coast book.

Bicycling The Pacific Coast
 Bicycling the Oregon Coast
Everything you need to know about each day's ride is included: from tunnel- riding strategies to where to buy a new derailer, from one-of-a-kind museums along the way to side trips to lonely lighthouses and towering sand dunes. New to this edition is a quick-glance Table of Essentials for each daily itinerary, listing availability of bike shops, beach access, hiking trails, youth hostels, and activities.

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